• Kwikweb is a web based program that creates and manages websites
  • We have our own unique catalogue of 800 off-the-shelf websites which allows you to instantly give a client a website for his specific industry
  • Our back office can help you fine tune website designs while you learn the ropes (you can start even if you have no design skills)
  • We can offer someone a website worth R10,000 at only R3,500 (or less)
  • The system has many other features included that impress the socks off anybody that sees them, even IT professionals.

We want the Consultants to make money because if they are successful, we are successful. The revenue share is totally in favour of the Consultants so that they are motivated and equipped to make money


  • Market totally under serviced
  • Between 50%-60% of all businesses don’t have a website or have an outdated one
  • 90% of businesses need to upgrade their websites to become “responsive” (automatically resizes)
  • People now want an easy tool (and personal help) to make regular changes on their websites
  • People want to transact with customers via their websites
  • Everyone needs their sites to be optimized for Google

The market is huge! In Gauteng there are 17,000 new businesses registered every month!

  • Social Media – social media is all around us and it is imperative a business have their own central unique website address so that people can find you amongst all the noise.
  • Where does one start if you want a website? – The industry is intimidating  and traditional developers charge professional rates and support is often lackluster. We are pro-active, we go to the people and we talk their language!


  • The Consultant sets up websites for clients, either by visiting the clients’ premises, via email or telephonically. The Consultant earns up to R3,500 per website sold and built. The client pays the Consultant directly and all the money belongs to the consultant; we take no cut.
  • Consultants appoints and trains sub-consultants and receive 100% of their R2,500 joining fee + R171 per month from their monthly fees.
  • The Consultant also earns approximately 44% of the clients monthly fees. See Table 1 on page 6 for details.
  • The Consultant can also participate in the incentive schemes, for example we give a R10,000 bonus/advance for every 15 websites sold.

Consultant Application Form.pdf

Complete in full and send - together with your proof of payment - to:

Consultant Presentation.pptx

Download the attached - you can use it when you're recruiting agents for your busines


  • Computer with internet access
  • Marketing material such as pamphlets, business cards, posters, folders, banners & car stickers is available for download from the Consultants website. Printed salespacks can also be ordered (R250 for large one or small ones can be requested for free)
  • You get access to the Consultants portal that contains all the manuals (technical training, search engine tips, marketing manuals, video etc).
  • You pay a R2,500 joining / training fee upfront and R171+VAT per month for access and you can stop at any time. R100pm of this goes to the Consultant that trained you; this ensures that you always have a dedicated person who you can call if you need help.
  • Next Step: Fill in the application from and we will get you registered. Email it to or fax to 086 691 2937