Get a website for your business or sign up as a web design consultant for only R 1500 - until end February 2020 only...

The Weegee Designs website design services works as follows:

1. Clients browse the available designs. The designs are categorised so you can easily find a website that was built for your particular industry.

2. Once you have found a design that you like, you complete the Enquiry Form. If you don't fancy any particular design, complete the Enquiry Form in any case and we will custom design something beautiful for you.

3. We will then contact you to gather more information about your business (e.g. company profile, existing website, products, services logo, colours etc)

4. We then make changes to the demo website until you are satisfied with the website (this is obligation free).



5. Once you are happy with design and content, we arrange that the website be published on your domain.

6. We then charge you the standard design fee of R2500 (once off)

7. There is a monthly license fee of R165+VAT pm which includes access to a CMS (content management system and ecommerce) as well as personal telephonic support.

8. Optional maintenance contracts are available at R100 pm.

Other services we can offer, includes:


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