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WeeGee Designs was born out of a lifelong fascination with the internet, in particular web design and a burning desire to own a business.

My fascination has led me to discover many wonderful things on the web as well as about myself and I want to share this wonders with you currently reading this.

If you own a business and want to grow it into a more profitable enterprise, you have to have web presence or you will always just sell to a select few.  Having your own website just adds that little more credibility and marketability to your business that sets it apart from your competitors and gives you the edge.

I want to be involved in helping you make that happen and taking your business to new heights.


This is the simple pleasure I get from giving back my knowledge and experience with web design.

I hope that you'll allow me to help you today.

Please browse the site to see what else I can offer you and/or your business


Freek Mathews

Authorized Kwikweb Agent

Weegee Designs